Are You Storing Your Food Correctly in the Kitchen?

Best Storage Solution for Kitchen – Tupperware Containers

Tupperware Oval Dry Storage Containers keep dry food like atta, dal, biscuits, namkeens and spices free from moisture and pests. The innovative design of Tupperware boxes makes them easy to stack and takes minimum space in your kitchen. Tupperware’s Dry Storage range is a space-saving solution to organizing your kitchen and keeping it safe, healthy and chaos-free.

Oval Plastic Container Set 2.3 l 4 Pc
Oval Plastic Container Set 1.1l 4-Pc
Plastic Container 400ml, 6 Pc
Plastic Container 500ml 4 Pc
Plastic Jar Set 2.5l 2 Pc
Plastic Container 840ml 4 Pc
Plastic Container 2.5l 2 Pc
Plastic Square Refrigerator Container 500ml 6Pc
Plastic Container – 500ml 2 Pc

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Airtight Container
Ergonomically designed air-tight containers keep food moisture-free and pest-free. Airtight lids lock freshness in and keep moisture and dust out. Will keep all dry food fresh and crisp.

Easy to Open & Close
Large indicative tabs on the sides, make it convenient to open and close the storage boxes.

Modular and Stackable
Innovative, modern design is easy to stack and makes optimum use of every inch of space in your kitchen.

Keeps Food Fresh Longer
Food smartly stored in Tupperware Dry Storage container stays fresh and crisp for longer.

Easy Identification
Transparent windows allow you to view the contents. You won’t have to open boxes to find the item you’re looking for.

Easy Grip
Fine texture on the outer walls makes the containers non-slippery and easy to grip.

Easy Clean
Smooth inner walls allow you to clean the containers easily.

With this Tupperware container, you do not even have to worry about the liquid spilling over. Convenient to Use This container set can be used to carry lunch to office or college too. You can fill your home-made juice or milk shake in one of the liquid tight containers in the Tupperware 440ml container set to keep yourself hydrated. Being dishwasher safe, these Modular Mates containers are easy to clean and maintain. Plus the translucent material allows you to view the contents for easy identification.