Best Chess Boards for Kids And Adults

Things to Consider before Buying Chess Boards

Chess Board Size
While buying a chessboard, checking the size is quite important. If you play casually, a compact 10 x 10-inch chessboard can be a great option. But if you play in tournaments, getting something extensive like 17 x 17 inches will be the better option.

Chess Pieces Size
Similar to the chessboard size, the size of the included chess pieces is also significant. Generally, this is available in terms of the king’s height, like 3 inch or 4 inch and the pawns like 1 inch or 2 inches.

Construction Material
The construction of your chessboard is also an essential factor to consider. While plastic ones are ideal for budget buyers, wooden ones are perfect as artistic chess boards. You can also find vinyl chess boards that are best for tournaments.

  1. StonKraft 17” x 17” Tournament Chess Vinyl Foldable Chess Game

Made with high-quality washable material, this chess set comes with International standard chess pieces. The board measures 17-inch in both length and width and features two extra queens. It is handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans and has clearly marked boxes for each piece. This game is ideal for kids of age 6 years and above. This chess board is made with premium quality vinyl which can be rolled up without the hassle of breakage and tear.

2. Jambuwala Enterprise Chess Board

This chess board is made with high-grade plastic and comes in a foldable design. It is light in weight and offers a luxury playing experience. Thanks to its magnetic properties, this board keeps the pieces stuck on to their places even if they are jerked or shook. It measures approx. 10-inch in both length and width and is suitable to be carried around anywhere in a purse or backpack. It is perfect for kids of 3 years and above. This chess board comes with a carrier compartment that is revealed post unlocking its snap joint design. This chess set comes in a foldable design, which makes it easy to store and carry too.

3. Funskool Chess Classic Board

This classic game board is made with premium quality cardboard that features a foldable design. The checkerboard measures 16-inch in length and breadth and is ideal for age 7 years and above. Thick and light in weight, it is sturdy enough to continue enjoying uninterrupted gameplay for years. This chess board is made with sturdy cardboard with excellent durability and lasts longer than usual cardboard chess boards.

4. Simran Handicrafts Palm Royal Handicrafts Chess Board
Premium Quality Folding Handmade Wooden Chess Board Set With Magnetic Pieces With Extra Queen ,10X10 Inches, Multicolored

This chess set comes in a foldable design, which makes it easy to store and carry too. Bring home this handmade chess set from Palm Royal Handicrafts. This chess set comes in the 25.4 x 12.7 x 5.1 cm dimension and in a foldable design. In addition to this, the offered chess set is also an excellent travel companion if you are planning a trip with your family or friends anytime soon. Designed using top-notch wood, this chess set is appreciated for its natural brown finish. Easy to clean, this chess set can also be put as a decorative item in your living room.

5. Handcrafted Rosewood Unique Chess Board
Foldable Secure Storage for Magnetic Pieces with Extra Queens, Chess Set for Kids and Adults, Brown, 10×10 Inches

This impeccable chess set is an awesome choice to enjoy some leisure time with your family and friends. Offered by Best Chess, this product is available in the 10 x 10 x 10 cm dimension and is appreciated for its superior design and exquisite finish. Along with this, the offered chess set is manufactured using premium-grade wood and comes in brown color. This chess set is portable in nature and is hand-carved.

6. Shoro Hand Crafted Roman Brass Chess Board

It is a complete handmade chess board made out of wood and chess pieces made out of brass. In comparison with other chess boards, the Shoro handcrafted chess board is unique. It includes Roman-themed chess pieces that are relatively large. These brass chess pieces include 2.3-inch tall soldiers and a 3.5-inch tall king. The handmade wooden chess board measures 14 x 14 x 2 inches, making it ideal for display use. Apart from using high-quality Aligarh brass work, it also uses robust Saharanpur Sheesham wood. This chess board closes up, storing the chess pieces inside.