Best IoT Project Ideas for Students in Final Year

As IoT (Internet of Things) is an emerging technology now a days. In this post we are discussing Best IoT Projects those can be implemented as Final Year Projects for Engineering Students. Mostly this definition is targeted for India in 2022. Mostly IoT Project Ideas are based on Requirements of Society and feasibility of resources. Before suggesting Project Ideas we need to know which programming language are suitable for development in IoT in 2022.

5 Programming Languages for IoT Development In 2022

#1 Java

Java is Object Oriented Language and known for its Code Once Run Anywhere Feature. Combination of IoT and Java can be declared as a perfect match for tapping new business ideas with technology improvement. This combination drives actions using IoT data. Strong Security of Java can stream, analyze and plug real-time IoT data between various connected devices and proposed project applications. Java is considered highly suitable for connected devices and hence is increasingly used in the embedded market even in 2022 also. If you are not aware with Core Java, then you can find Best Java Books for Beginners here.

#2 Python

Python is also in-demand language of Past Year 2021. Python also can play an important role in Developing IoT Applications. Seamless code readability and simple syntax features of Python is plus point for this language. As Python is an interpreted language, it is highly compatible with object-oriented (OOPS) , structured, and functional programming methodology. One another point that makes python a good choice for IoT Development is, it can be integrated with other programming languages like Java and C++, and the language also works across diverse platforms including Linux and Windows. Python’s comprehensive inbuilt and large library and solid community support make Python superior choice for Developers. For IoT apps that require extensive data analysis, Python is the ultimate choice due to its Data Science and Analytics Libraries.

#3 PHPoC

As mostly PHP is known and used for its Web Development functionality, PHP on Chip is used for IoT Development. Web Developers who are familiar with PHP will feel good to learning with PHPoC. PHPoC is an IoT hardware platform-based programming language. The syntax of this programming language is very much similar to that of PHP language. Some of the IoT-specific functionalities offered by this programming language include UART, RTC, SPI, and more. With core benefits like real-time debugging, prebuilt networking abilities, and airtight security features, PHPoC is ideal for the development of applications like cybersecurity, CMS, and image processing units. You can get More About Python Programming Books.

#4 GO

In terms of Popularity, Go is relatively a new programming language. It’s quickly gaining prominence in the IoT app development space. Main reason for that is its range of features and benefits, particularly in IoT Development. To start with, Go Language offers optimized code. This feature makes it perfect for projects that involve small computing devices with very limited power and memory resources. Another point to choose Go Language is , it is highly concurrent, meaning it can route thousands (or even millions) of data streams seamlessly and can run several asynchronous data streams simultaneously. Developers intending to get started with Go will face a minimal learning curve as the language is really intuitive and super-friendly.


Among the Best Programming Language for IoT List, Swift is for very unique reason here. While other programming languages discussed earlier can be used to develop IoT applications for the web, smartphones, and devices across multiple platforms, while Swift language is a language specifically designed to develop IoT applications for iOS devices. Swift follows with Apple’s design guidelines. Swift allows developers to build IoT apps that meet the Apple’s benchmarking standards. It’s fast, secure, and seamlessly handles errors and offers tons of programming patterns. If your IoT app development goals only around iOS devices, then SWIFT is the most ideal programming language for IoT Development. As far as the learning concerned, it’s simple syntax and ease of coding make it one of the easiest programming languages to master with.

Some of the IoT Project Ideas in 2022

Smart Agriculture System (Famer Helper)

As India is Agriculture based Country, Working with smart agriculture system can play a major role for Farmers. Some Systems that can help Farmers

Mobile Based Plant Disease Detection : You can use IoT + Machine Learning + Image Processing

Smart Alarming System for Crop Protection : System that alarm on Mobile Device and Generate Loud Sound to Protect Crops from Animals for 24/7.

Smart Watering Alarm : You can develop a Device that measures the Soil Moistures and Flow of Water can be Controlled by Remove Device.

Crop Scheduling & Estimation : In Crop Scheduling Various Alerts for Seeding, Fertilizers Schedule, Pesticide Estimation , Production Estimation based on Images etc can be covered.

These type of innovative work can lead to lesser use of Man Power in Agriculture Field and help to increase Overall Production of Agriculture. We have also shown some of the IoT Development KIT that can help you to develop basic project model.

Smart Home or Home Automation System

As many WIFI Enabled devices are available for this project. You can develop a project that can improve Home Automation Experience. You can also Connect your project to ALEXA or Google Assistant or Apple HomePOD.

Some of the ideas for Home Automation Systems like : Finger Print Based Desk Drawers, Command Based Door Open Close, Electricity Saver etc.

Smart Parking System using IoT

It is best needed Application for Public Places. You can develop an IoT Application that can notify the Vehicle Owner for Improper Parking. There should be privacy feature for Vehicle Owner. Cloud Messaging and Services can be applied in this project. At IEEE and Other Publications you can find better Ideas regarding methodology.

Smart Traffic Divert System using IoT

In this project You can Suggest Best Routes in Advance to manage Traffic in Smart City. Image Processing with IoT can work for this Project. Traffic Prediction on Junctions using Machine Learning Algorithms and Based on this New Route Suggestions to Vehicle Owners can be suggested. You can find Research Papers for this Project on various publication for better algorithms.