Best Protein Shaker Bottle for Your Fitness

FITKIT Classic Bottle Shaker, 700ML

Whether in a gym or outdoors, whether jogging or cycling, whether running a marathon or hiking, FITKIT classic shaker allows you to easily mix your protein powder on the go. The design of the bottle makes it very convenient to use while working out. The shaker has a mixer ball wire whisk which whips around in the bottle to effectively mix the protein shake. While on your cheat days you can enjoy a delicious smoothie in this shaker.

The shaker is made of fine quality food grade material. It has a classic design which includes a lid on the mouth of the bottle which opens with just a push from the bottom and a mixer ball wire whisk which properly mixes the contents in the bottle.The shaker can be used in various situations like yoga, running, work out, biking, cycling, jogging, camping or any other sport. Because of its design, it can be used with one hand only which makes it convenient to use in all the above mentioned situations.

The bottle has a capacity which is enough to fulfil your daily hydration needs while doing physical activities. The bottle FITKIT aims to empower athletes and help them maintain a healthy diet, train hard and see the best results. The FITKIT classic shaker helps you in staying hydrated and maintaining your nutrition every day.

HAANS Shakeit Protein Shaker Bottle, 500ML

If you are at gym, on the go or at work, get a lump free drink every time with our plastic mesh that fixes to the inside of the lid and gives you a discrete shaking experience. Our easy-lock cap flips from the lid eliminating any splash or flick back from the cap itself or annoying facial contact.

LARGE CAPACITY: 500 ml protein shaker bottle, perfect for fitness enthusiasts.
WIDE MOUTH: Wide mouth makes it easy to add mix scoops and liquids.
STRONG: We have used strong and durable plastic for longer product life.
SAFE PLASTIC: Made from BPA and Phthalate free plastic for safer use.
HIGHLY DURABLE: Microwave, dishwasher & freezer safe container.

This shaker bottle is the ultimate solution for all your protein needs. You can have your favorite drink on the go with this spacious bottle in use which can hold a great volume of around 700 ml. The protein shaker bottle keeps you hydrated as it’s highly portable to keep you energized for long, whether you are in the Gym or Olympics ground. The vibrant colored shaker bottle is available in black/white colors.

RIONTO Protein Shaker Bottle – 700ML

It’s a very easy to use bottle that comes with a lid opening system. The lid on the mouth of the bottle keeps your protein shake safe. The liquid can be poured either through the smaller mouth near the lid opener or through the larger mouth which is accessible after opening the top cap. The bottle can sustain liquid of mild temperature which is up to 40℃. The bottle may deform and can lose its shape and design if the liquid content is beyond the recommended temperature. The bottle comes with an inbuilt filter that filters out large chunks of the solution. The twist and lock mechanism in the bottle allows easy storage of protein powder. Also, the shaker bottle comes with a whisk mixer ball that assists in stirring your solution.

The design of the bottle is made of food grade plastic that keeps the content secure . Top seal of the jar makes it 100% leak-proof for best utility. The crack resistant material protection makes sure that it’s useful for long. The lid provides 100% airtight protection along with leak protection. This leak-proof seal also provides spillage protection during mixing to avoid content wastage. For a hassle-free cleaning experience, you can place the bottle in the dishwasher as its dishwasher-friendly.

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