Pidilite Plastic Multipurpose Home Kit Blister

Pidilite is happy to present its 1st consumer pack, It contains complete range of home improvement repair and adhesive products, which provide Solutions for every fix. contains 4 products

Brite-O and,

Pidilite Multipurpose Home Kit

Fevikwik – Bonds Plastic, Metal, Rubber & More

Fevikwik 3g This adhesive glue works within seconds to repair broken items, regardless of what material it is, metal, wood, plastic or paper. Fevikwik is also a perfect partner for all home DIY and arts and crafts projects.

The best part is, this instant bonding adhesive even works wonders on expensive items like jewellery, antiques and electronics. Little wonder that Fevikwik is the country’s largest selling instant adhesive.

Fevicol Shoefix – High Strength Glue for Shoe Repair

Fevicol Shoefix (20ml) is high strength shoe repair adhesive for all types of footwear – sports shoes, leather shoes and sandals. It can be used to bond materials like rubber, PVC, PU, EVA, canvas & leather.

Brite-O – Polish Surfaces like Brass, Metal, Silver, Copper & More

Brite-O (25g) Super is a polish for all metal surfaces. It gives instant and long lasting glow. It safely cleans, polishes and protects items of brass, copper, silver and stainless steel.

Removes tarnish, rust, water stains and oxidation without scratching the surface.

M-Seal Phataphat – Seal Gaps, Fix Water Leaks & Dents

M Seal Phataphat (25g) This is a multipurpose, two-component epoxy putty that sets quickly. It is ideal for gripping, joining, sealing, and insulating a variety of surfaces like metal, porcelain, marble, wood, and glass in your home of office.

All in 1 Solution Kit for Household Problems. – Pidilite Products.