Top 4 Fertilizers for Your Plants

1 ) RHBP [RINUJA HI-TECH BIO-POWER] Growth Plus Liquid Bio-Fertilizer for All Crops, Perfect to Use On Indoor/Outdoor Plants – Organic Certified by KSOCA

Better absorption

Here is a perfect fertilizer that will promote the health of your plants. This fertilizer doesn’t limit to a particular type of plant and is suitable for every type. It contains around 16 essential micro and macro nutrients that are required for the overall growth of the plant.

This liquid fertilizer has a unique formula which targets the roots, flowers, foliage, fruits and vegetables too. The liquid state of this product helps the fertilizer to spread rapidly into the soil and act more effectively.

RHBP Growth Plus Liquid Fertilizer is a certified organic product and has numerous benefits for plants.

2 ) BLOOMBUDDY Organic Growth Booster

Pests protectio

Here is a product that will give your plants total nutrition. This fertilizer has an extremely easy application technique. You can apply it directly on the soil after every fifteen days for optimum results.

The nutrients from the fertilizer release slowly and keep the soil nourished for almost a month. BLOOM BUDDY Organic Growth Booster provides all the necessary micro, macro and trace nutrients.

It helps in the overall growth of the plant, improves flowering and maximizes fruiting too. It also protects from pests and diseases.

3 ) GreenLoop – All In One Plant Food, Mixed Fertilizer for house plants

Good quality

Are you looking for a good quality fertilizer that will be appropriate for your home plants? This is the right option for you. Green Loop All-In-One Plant Food is a great quality fertilizer that will give your plants all the nutrition it needs.

All you have to do is empty one sachet in water and pour it on your plants. Use this twice a month for best results.

This fertilizer will help your plants get greener leaves, more flowers and breathable soil for the roots. This product is great for roses and tulsi plants which are available in most households.

4 ) Lazy Gardener Plant Fertilizer Sticks | BloomStix for All Flowering Plants | Bloom-Booster & Slow-Release

Natural product

Here is a fertilizer which works especially great for flowering plants. This fertilizer is available in a sick design and it is 100% natural and mineral based. The stick design makes the usage of this fertilizer hassle free and fast.

This fertilizer is also very durable as one stick can provide nutrients to the soil for almost 60 days. Lazy Gardener Bloom Stix Fertilizer is suitable for all flowering plants, plants with colorful leaves and fruiting plants.

The use of this fertilizer has several benefits like it maximizes flower production, boosts blooming of flowers and promotes the overall health.