Top 5 Beautiful Bonsai live plants for Home/Office

Keeping live indoor plants has become a new way to add a refreshing touch to the aura of your home. And When it comes to beautifying and adding a divine aura to your home with indoor plants, Bonsai Plants top the list.

1. Ginseng Grafted Ficus Indoor Real Bonsai Live Plant – 5 Year Old

This 5-year-old live Ficus bonsai plant from Abana Homes will be a wonderful addition to your living room owing to its air-purifying property. It is known to help purify the air by removing harmful toxins, hence a wise choice for all modern homes. This bonsai plant comes planted in an aesthetically designed black ceramic pot which further enhances the beauty of the plant.

You can place the plant at the corner of your living room or at the foyer area for that beautiful look.

2. Carmona Flowering Bonsai Plants with Ceramic Pot

This artistically curved Carmona bonsai plant from Abana Homes will add an auspicious and charming touch to your home. A live bonsai plant is considered to bring luck, prosperity and happiness and will also add to the aesthetics of your home. It features a beautiful S-shaped curvy trunk and lush green leaves. This bonsai plant has been genetically designed to flourish well in the Indian tropical climate.

The Carmona bonsai plant is also a great natural air purifier, hence a wonderful choice for modern homes. It comes planted in a beautifully designed glazed ceramic pot.

3. Bonsai Live Plants Ulmus – Purifier Bonsai Tree with Pot

This live Ulmus bonsai plant can enhance the beauty of your home manifolds. It comes with many health and psychological benefits and purifies the air that you breathe in. This live bonsai plant will also infuse a lot of positivity and tranquility in the aura of your home.

Not to forget the artistically curvy trunk with lush green leaves that lend this bonsai a beautiful appearance. It comes planted in an aesthetically glazed ceramic pot.

4. Grafted Jade Bonsai (Green) – 5 Year Old

This grafted Jade bonsai plant from Guuchuu has been aged 5 years and comes planted in a beautifully designed white pot. From improving the aesthetics of your home to purifying indoor air, this live Jade bonsai plant comes with a lot of benefits. It looks truly stunning with the oval-shaped, dark green leaves grown all over the bulbous trunk which has a reddish grey tone with tiger-like stripes all over.

This beautiful Jade bonsai plant comes with a white, printed pot that has been carefully designed only to enhance the beauty of the plant.

5. Adenium bonsai plants set of 2 live plants

This set of two live Adenium bonsai plants from Indian Gardens is a perfect pick for people who are looking forward to adding some eye-soothing colours to their homes. If you are looking for some flowering bonsai plants for sprucing up the look of your living room, this set of 2 Adenium from Indian Gardens can be a good choice. These two plants are aged between 6 to 8 months and one bears different coloured flowers.

The bonsai plant features a bulbous trunk with long lush green leaves that will definitely lend a refreshing touch to your living room decor. These low-maintenance plants come planted in ordinary black pots.

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