Top 5 Vermicompost for your Plants with help of Coco peat

1) Green Roots Organic Potting Soil Mix with Cocopeat, Vermicompost, Neem Granule, Plant Manure/Khad

The perfect food for your plant

Green Roots Organic Soil Mix with Coco peat is a perfect choice to give your plants a healthy and happy growth.It also has excellent water holding capacity that helps the plant to grow constantly. Presence of vermicompost in the coco peat helps in the overall growth of the plant ensuring much brighter leaves and flowers. The product also contains neem granules which help as an antifungal component for the plant and also performs a dual task of fertilizer as well as of an insecticide.

2) SHEHRI KISAAN® Enriched Vermicompost 1kg pack | Effective & Complete Plant Food with Organic Growth Boosters | Natural Manure & Plant Feed for Indoor Outdoor Gardening | Organic NPK & Soil Conditioner

A premium mixture for your plants

Shehri Kisaan Enriched Vermicompost acts as the best soil conditioner to give your plant a smoother and healthier growth.It provides plant food and helps it feed. This amazing organic manure is free from any chemical fertilizer and assures 0% plant burn. It can be used for both indoor plants as well as for outdoor gardens grass. Using this coco peat made with the best cow-dung. you can easily achieve a wonderful result by following a few steps.

3) Cocogarden Organic Fertilizer Manure for Home Plants, 900 GMS

Cocogarden Organic Fertilizer Manure for Home Plants

Cocogarden Organic Fertilizer Manure for Home Plants is an exemplary choice for all gardening enthusiasts out there!This coco peat fertilizer is the best fertilizer for home gardening. Being a 100% natural fertilizer, it acts as a superfood for your plants. It contains many natural ingredients like cow dung, goat manure, wood ash and neem cake, which are supremely healthy for your plants. So, look no more! Go grab these now and use them for your plants for an amazing end result!

4) Shehri Kissan The Urban Farmers ® Organic NPK and Soil Conditioner Natural Manure and Plant Feed Enriched Vermicompost for Indoor Outdoor Gardening

An excellent buy at an excellent price

Shehri Kisaan Organic NPK and Natural Manure is a great buy as it comes in a 3 kg pack at an affordable price to serve you for a long period of time.Give your garden a health boost by using Shehri Kisaan Natural Manure as it acts as an excellent soil conditioner. The manure can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor plants. Its natural and organic composition maintains the growth level of your plants. Hence, add this plant essential to your carts at a very affordable rate to help pretty up your garden quickly!

5) Kraft Seeds Agropeat/Cocopeat

Feed your garden with the best superfood

Kraft Seeds’ cocopeat is a high-quality organic fertilizer for your greens.This manure is an ideal combination of nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur etc, which provide smooth plant growth. The product can be used to sow new plant seeds as well as can be added as a top layer to a full-grown plant to provide the plant with a long life. It will help you grow small plants with ease like rose and tulsi. At the same time, it acts as an aid in making ground grass to be greener and healthier.