Top Affordable Logitech Wireless Mouse

How to choose the best mouse for you

There are three things to consider when choosing the best mouse for your particular situation:
Features, Size and Price.

Features vary from computer mouse to computer mouse. If you do a lot of graphic design or video editing work, a feature-rich mouse is a boon, if you stick mostly to typing and Internet browsing, a simpler computer mouse will work just as well. If you’re looking to reduce desk clutter, the best wireless mouse for your setup is a worthwhile consideration.

Size is also a consideration, although this is strictly a matter of personal preference. Mice like the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse are long-bodied, and appeal to users who hold mice with their entire palms. Smaller mice lend themselves to a “claw” grip, meaning you can comfortably hold it with three fingertips.

Price is related to a mouse’s feature set. Complex mice cost a lot of money, simple mice are cheaper. But beware extremely cheap mice, especially those from second- or third-tier manufacturers they won’t last long.

Here you can find Best Logitech Wireless Mouse between Price Range ₹500 to ₹700.

1. Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse

2.4 GHz with USB Nano Receiver, Optical Tracking, 12-Months Battery Life, Ambidextrous, PC/Mac/Laptop

Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse

Choose reliable wireless connectivity now.10m Wireless range, Universal compatibility, Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS. The Logitech B170 is an affordable wireless mouse with reliable connectivity, 12 months battery life and modern design. The USB receiver is so small it can stay in a USB port which makes it easy to move around with your laptop and less chance of it being lost. Simple set up – just plug in the tiny wireless receiver into USB slot, no hassle with pairing or software installation. Wireless connectivity you can depend on-logitech advanced 2.4 Ghz wireless technology that works even 10m away.

Key Features
12-month battery life
Easy, instant pairing
10-meter reliable wireless range
Advanced optional tracking

2. Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse

Silent Buttons, 2.4 GHz with USB Mini Receiver, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, 18-Month Battery Life, Ambidextrous PC/Mac/Laptop

Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse

Experience the same click feel as a standard mouse but with almost no click sound. Feet made of high performance material and a rubber scroll wheel help to minimize distractions and maximize productivity for you and those around you. The M220 allows your family to keep right on sleeping and your officemates to keep right on working. With its compact, ambidextrous design, you’ll be a silent hero everywhere you go. Sound level comparison between M221 SILENT and Logitech M170. Measured by an independent lab and verified by Quiet Mark.

Setup is a snap. Enjoy up to a 10 meter wireless connection thanks to the tiny plug-and-forget wireless receiver. No hassle, no software needed. The mouse automatically connects to your Windows, Mac, Chrome OS or Linux-based computer. With the same click feel and over 90% noise reduction on the click sound, enjoy a quiet experience for you and your neighbours. Plus, it has feet made of high performance material and a rubber wheel for quiet gliding and scrolling. A single AA battery gives you enough power to go for 18 months without battery changes. Smart sleep mode and an On/Off switch help you conserve even more power. Ambidextrous design offers more comfort and precision than your touch pad. Its small size is perfect to toss in a bag and go.

Key Features
90% noise reduction in clicking and ultra-quiet scrolling
Comfortable, ambidextrous shape
Compact Nano USB receiver for easy, powerful wireless connection mobile size
18-month battery life between changes
High-quality Logitech design and performance

3. Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse

2.4 GHz with USB Unifying Receiver, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, 12 Month Life Battery, Compatible with Windows, Mac, Chromebook/PC/Laptop

Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse

Logitech Wireless Mouse M235 – A reliable mouse that’s a smooth traveller. You can surf the Web with more comfort and ease – thanks to the contoured design with soft rubber grips. And your mouse is easy to slip into a bag when you want to take it with you. Designed to keep either hand comfortable. Soft side grips and a comfortable shape – ideal for long hours of usage. One Year Battery Life. You can go for a year without battery hassles. An on/off switch and sleep mode extend battery life, while an indicator light eliminates surprises. The tiny receiver stays in your laptop. Plus, you can easily add a compatible wireless mouse or keyboard – without the hassle of multiple USB receivers. Enjoy precise clicking and pointing – on surfaces other optical mice can’t handle – while navigating your favourite websites thanks to Logitech Optical Tracking.

Key Features
Long battery life
Works with Chromebook
Hand-friendly ergonomic design

SilentNoYes No
Battery life12 Months18 Months12 Months
Weight(including battery)68 grams77 grams84 grams
B170 vs M221 vs M235

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