Top Board Games for Kids

Fun With Words – A Self-Correcting Word Building Puzzle For Children
Age : 4 Years and above
Single player Game

This word puzzle game will assist in helping your kid learn new words and build a healthy mind and brain. This game is best known for developing hand-eye coordination and improving letter and sound recognition and vocabulary. This is a set of 30 self-correcting three-piece word building puzzles. To guide you through the game, there is an activity guide available with the activity book. To improve your kid’s observation skills and concentration, this game is a must-have. Also, this board game is ideal for language-related activities at home, school and language therapy clinics.

Mattel Scrabble Board Game, Word, Letters Game, Multi Color
Age : 10 years and above
Multiplayer Game

You have to attempt to build interlocking words on the board with random letter tiles and score values. It is a very engaging and informative game. This game by Mattel is the classic word game for 2-4 players. It is all about picking and combining letters for a high calculating score. In this game, you will draw any 7 random letter tiles and use any of them to make your best word. There will already be a letter tile on the board to get you started. The higher the letter value, the higher your score. You can also boost your score by using premium squares spread all around the grid. The player with the highest score will win the game!

Monopoly Deluxe Edition, fantasy Board Game, For friends and Family, Multicolor
Age : 8 years and above
Multiplayer Game

This game is all about buying, selling and trading properties to win. You also get to learn money management through this board game. This game by Monopoly is all about building luxury wooden houses and hotels on various given properties and bankrupting the opponents to win it all. You also get a chance to change your fortune with Chance and Community Chest cards available in the game. At the starting of the game, you can choose from 10 quality golden coloured tokens to move around the board.

Ratna’s Fun Filled Business 5 in 1 Deluxe Game
Plastic Money Coins for Young Businessmen to Learn Trading and Other Systems of Buying and Selling
Age : 4 Years – 18 years
Multiplayer Game

This 5 in 1 game pack by Ratna’s is all about buying, selling, trading and mortgaging properties with plastic money and a game bank. There are other games included in this pack such as Ludo, Snake & ladders, Cricket and Car Rally with various game accessories like 2 dice, 4 colour peg, property cards, playing introduction, playing notes, playing house & hotel pegs.