Best Data Science Books to Start With

Here in this post we will discuss best books for Data Science. Before suggesting the books, we first introduce Data Science and its important in next era.

What is Data Science ?

“Data science combines the scientific method, math and statistics, specialized programming, advanced analytics, AI, and even storytelling to uncover and explain the business insights buried in data.“[1] In our term Data Science is the process or methods to extract various information from structural or unstructured data. Various analytical tools and methods are applied over large amount of data to find better pattern, summary etc. Eg. To Find Out Customer Purchase Pattern in India during Diwali Festival. This can be performed using Data Science. Data Science also contains various steps like Data Gathering, Data Cleaning, Data Manipulation, Data Pruning etc.

Who can Learn Data Science ?

For Working with Data Science one should have knowledge of Statistics, Mathematics or Engineering. Mostly this field is useful for Marketing Persons or strategy planner for any business or for any organisation including Government Officials. Mostly Programming is performed using Python or R language and it is not too much hard to learn. As we discussed Machine Learning earlier, Data Science does not required too much algorithms like ML.

Some Best Books for Data Science