Machine Learning Basics and Books for Latest Career Options

As Machine Learning is one of the most advanced technological change in recent time. As in Year 2022 Machine Learning has great potential to provide Job Opportunity. Machine Learning is part of Artificial Intelligence. New Era Programming and applications are based on Artificial Intelligence. So there is no any query for future of Machine Learning. There is vast opportunity in the field of Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning ?

In general we can say Machine Learning is a technique in which Machine (System or Model) is trained based on historical data, and basis on this training data it can predict, classify or analyse testing data. Mostly this process is based on various algorithms.

Who can learn Machine Learning ?

Mostly machine learning consists Mathematical and Statistical models. So that it is recommend a prior knowledge of these subjects. Also algorithms are implemented in Computer Languages like Java, Python, R Language etc. So that it is also recommend. Programming Knowledge + Mathematical Knowledge is required before starting Machine Learning.

How to start with Machine Learning ?

To start learning machine learning, as we discussed earlier you should be familiar with programming in Java or Python etc and also should have Statistical / Mathematical knowledge. Then you can books from below.

Content Expected from Machine Learning Books

A good book related to learn machine learning should contains following topics:

Basic Mathematical Models

Classification Algorithms

Clustering Algorithms

Prediction Methods

Mostly up to 2022, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Random Forest, Decision Trees , XG Boost, Naive Bayes etc. algorithms are used. Book should contain basic structure of this algorithms. Book should also have examples for these algorithms and visual presentation for the same.

Books for Machine Learning to start with

Apart from books you can also search for various Journals like IEEE , Springer, Research Gate , Google Scholar etc. Various Machine Learning Project topics are discussed at blog Machine Learning Project Ideas, you can try any of these for better practice.