Current Affairs G.K. Oct – 2021 (World)

1.In which American city was the Quad countries summit held recently? – Washington

2. Who was the last major American soldier to leave Afghanistan? – Major General Chris Donahue

3. In which country is the recently erupted Fukutoku-Akonoba volcano located? – Japan

4. With which country did India recently launch the ‘Climate Action and Mobilization Dialogue’? – The United States of America (USA)

5. What catastrophic hurricane recently wreaked havoc in New Jersey, USA – Hurricane Ida

6. South Korea became the first country in the world to launch a ballistic missile with a killer submarine from a Korean island.- Seventh

7. Hurricane Q hits the coasts of Texas and Louisiana, USA at a speed of 120 kmph? – Nicholas

8. According to a recent report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), which country has the most nuclear weapons in the world? – Russia

9. Which country recently became the first country in the world to recognize BTCoin as an official currency? – El Salvador

10. Which Indian company recently issued India’s first Euro Green Bond? – Power Finance Corporation

11. In which country was the first case of more dangerous variant of Corona B 1.6121 reported recently? – Finland

12. India announces launch of Soft Skill Training Program for Women Entrepreneurs of which country? – Bangladesh

13. The three-day space travel mission in the Dragon spacecraft of the American company SpaceX was successful. Who owns this company ? – Elon Musk

14. Which volcano recently erupted on La Palma Island, Spain, which saw lava boiling at 1100 degrees Celsius and flying hundreds of feet high? – Cumbre Vijeja Volcano

15. With which company is Jeff Bezos, an investor in Unity Biotechnology, associated with anti-aging research? – Founder of Amazon

16. India has surpassed France to become the world’s largest market investor? – Fifth

17. A statue of the founder of Bitcoin was erected in the Hungarian capital. What was his name? – Satoshi Nakamota

18. In which group did the US refuse to include India and Japan? – AUKUS

19. Which social media platform recently launched the new feature ‘SuperFollows’? – Twitter

20. Which country was the first to legislate to have an electric vehicle charger in every new building? – England

21. Which country has recently announced a ban on all cryptocurrency trading activities? – China

22. What is the ranking of India in the Global Innovation Index-2021 report by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)? – 46th

23. Since when has World Ozone Day been decided on September 16 every year? – Since 1994

24. Which year was recently announced by the UN to celebrate 2023? – International Millet Year

25. Justin Tudor is the leader of which party for the third time in a row in Canada’s parliamentary elections? – Liberal Party

26. In which country has the world’s largest blood test center been set up to test more than 50 types of cancer? – Britain

27. Which award was recently presented to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina? – SDG Progress Award

28. Which country in the world has recently legalized same-sex marriage? – Switzerland

29. When is World Maritime Day celebrated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO)? – 24 September (first 1978)

30. Which country’s mint recently launched Goldbar in the form of Lakshmidevi for the first time on the occasion of Diwali? – Britain

31. Which award has recently been conferred on Firdausi Qadri, a doctor of infectious diseases in Bangladesh? – Ramon Magsaysay Award

32. A lunar star at the South Pole was named after which Arctic inventor by the International Astronomical Union (IAU)? – Matthew Hanson

33. Who has recently been elected as Tunisia’s first female Prime Minister? – Najla Romdhane

34. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy has been sentenced to one year in prison for corruption.? – France

35. Who recently won the Women’s Prize for Fiction for the fictional novel ‘Piranesi’? – Sujata Clark

36. Which country has recently applied to join the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Group? – China