Top #3 Books for Servlet and JSP for Web Development in Java

As we have discussed and suggested Best Java Books for Beginners in our previous post. In this post we are suggesting Best Advance Java Book, specially for Servlet and JSP.

1. Murachs Java Servlets & JSP (Murach: Training & Reference)

This new edition of Murach’s Java Servlets and JSP makes it easier than ever for Java developers to master web programming. It shows how to install and use the Tomcat server and the NetBeans IDE. It shows how to use JSPs and servlets to build secure and well-structured web applications that implement the MVC pattern.

It shows how to use sessions, cookies, JavaBeans, EL, JSTL, and custom tags. It shows how to use JDBC or JPA to work with a MySQL database. It shows how to work with JavaMail, SSL connections, authentication, encryption, filters, and listeners.
It even includes an introduction to JSF to expand your perspective on Java web programming. These are the skills that you need to build professional Java web applications using servlets and JSP.

2. Head First Servlets and JSP 2e: Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam

Learn how to write servlets and JSPs, what makes a web container tick (and what ticks it off), how to use JSP’s Expression Language (EL for short), and how to write deployment descriptors for your web applications. Master the c:out tag, and get a handle on exactly what’s changed since the older J2EE 1.4 exam. You don’t just pass the new J2EE 1.5 SCWCD exam, you’ll understand this stuff and put it to work immediately.

3. Servlet JSP: A Tutorial, Second Edition

Servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) are the underlying technologies for developing web applications in Java. They are essential for any programmer to master in order to effectively use frameworks such as JavaServer Faces, Struts 2, or Spring MVC. Covering Servlet 3.1 and JSP 2.3, this book explains the important proogramming concepts and design models in Java web development as well as related technologies and new features in the latest versions of Servlet and JSP. With comprehensive coverage and lots of examples, this book is a guide to building real-world applications.

Topics discussed in this book include: – The Servlet API – JSP syntax and scripting elements – Session management – Expression Language 3.0 – JSTL – Custom tags and tag files – Filters and listeners – Application design – Dependency injection – File upload and programming file download – Asynchronous processing – Security – Deployment and the deployment descriptor – Dynamic registration – Servlet container initializers – WebSocket and JPA This book is for you if you need one written with clarity and readability in mind.

As we have discussed about Best Java Books for Beginners to Learn Java Programming in our earlier post, One of books must be referred to gain best knowledge of Java Programming Language.