Top 5 C Programming Language Books to Check Once

C is a programming language is called Base of Programming. Every Student who want to learn programming must learn C Language. By Learning C Language one can get knowledge of ‘Basics of Programming’. In general every Engineering Student (Weather he/she is in IT or non-IT), should learn C Programming. We have reviewed some C Programming Books here. Best way to learn Programming is practice. Without Practice no programming language can be learn.

Generally C Programming contains following topics.

  • Basic Structure/Syntax of C Language.
  • Variables/Identifiers/Keywords
  • Input Output in C Language
  • Operators in C Language
  • Decision Making (If, Switch, Conditional Operator)
  • Iteration / Looping (While Loop, Do While Loop, For Loop)
  • Array (Single Dimension, Multi Dimension )
  • String in C Language
  • User Defined Functions
  • Structure and Unions
  • Pointer
  • File Management

You can refer OCJP C Programming for basic idea of C Language.

1. Let Us C: Authentic Guide to C PROGRAMMING Language (17th Edition)

Author : Yashavant Kanetkar

This book is aimed for those who want to start their journey in learning the language. It begins with the basics and allows the readers to gradually understand advanced topics towards the end of the book.The book is also available in Hindi, Gujrati, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages.

2. The C Programming Language (Second Edition)

Author : Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie

The second edition of The C Programming Language lists the C Programming language concepts as prescribed by ANSI standard. The book explains the basics of procedure oriented programming and the fundamentals of writing C codes. The book also covers aspects like functions and loops for novice programmers.

3. Programming in ANSI C

Author : E Balagurusamy

Programming in ANSI C is aimed at those who are first-time learners who want to be programmers. It explains the concepts from elementary to advanced level, such as Arrays, Strings, Functions, Pointers, Self-referential Structures, Dynamic Memory Allocation, etc. The book also comes with programming problems to enhance its utility. The book has rich pedagogy, and an appendix on ‘Graphic Programming Using C’.

4. C: The Complete Reference

Author : Herb Schildt

The C: The Complete Reference is gives full details on C99, the New ANSI/ISO Standard for C. It offers in-depth coverage of the C language and function libraries as well as all the newest C features, including restricted pointers, inline functions, variable-length arrays, and complex math. The book features hundreds of examples and sample applications.

5. C in Depth

Author : S.K.Srivastava and Deepali Srivastava

This is the third edition of the book gives details basics of the programming language. The book is aimed for both beginners and advanced level programmers as a self-evaluation and learning source.It comes with over 310 programmes with explanations and over 450 exercises.

Mostly a new Student or learner in C Programming must practice for Decision Making and Looping. Various loops like While Loop, Do While Loop, For Loop are basic structure of any programming language. Also Arrays are used in all programming language. So if you have practiced for these C Language topics in proper way, then it will be easy to learn other languages.

As we have discussed about Best Java Books for Beginners to Learn Java Programming in our earlier post, One of books must be referred to gain best knowledge of Java Programming Language.